How to create a Windows 2000 CD with integrated Service Pack
Posted on: 11/30/1999 01:00 AM

Important Note: You must have the full package service pack
1. Put in Win2000 CDROM Open Windows Explorer at same time hold down on the shift key for a few minutes make a folder called (Driver Letter):\\win2kcd.

2. Copy all the files from the Windows 2000 CD to (Driver Letter):\\win2kcd on to your HD.

3. Make a folder called (Driver Letter):\\win2ksp2

4. Open Notepad add the line "w2ksp2 -x" without quotes, then save as unpack.bat it must be in the same place where w2ksp2.exe is then run unpack.bat and extract to the (Driver Letter):\\win2ksp2 folder.

5. Open Notepad add the line "update.exe -s:(Driver Letter):\\win2kcd" without quotes, then save as update.bat in (Driver Letter):\\sp2\\i386\\update directory where you extracted SP2 at.
What update.exe looks for is the i386 directory. So change the (Driver Letter):\\ to reflect the drive that has the i386 directory from the Windows 2000 CD. (win2k) is just the directory where the i386 directory resides.

6. Go to the (Driver Letter):\\sp2\\i386\\update directory and run update.bat.
It should update your files and it will tell you when it is done.
If it doesn't then you have done something wrong.

7. Download CDRWIN from

8. You to get the CD-ROM boot sector from here:

9. Make a folder called (Driver Letter):\\win2kboot & (Driver Letter):\\win2kiso extracted boot.bin out of copy or move it to (Driver Letter):\\win2kboot\\

10. Check The (Driver Letter):\\win2kcd\\ root it should have these files already there: autorun.inf

You should have one follow files
cdrom_ip.5 - If you are doing 2000 PRO then place this into the root.
cdrom_is.5 - If you are doing 2000 SERVER then place this into the root.
cdrom_ia.5 - If you are doing 2000 ADVANCED SERVER then place this into the root.
If all files are not there you need start all over.

This also good time add any other newer device drivers to it before you make the image of it, "(Driver Letter):\\win2kcd\\drivers\\?\\" give each set driver there own folder" that way you can install with out redownload or hunting for the CD later on. You may want to do the same with newer applications like Windows Media Player, IE5.5sp1 update thing like that "(Driver Letter):\\win2kcd\\apps\\?\\". Be sure to keep on the space you use win doing this that will depend on CD you have 650 or 700MB, how ever if you need more space then you can del a few folder from (Driver Letter):\\win2kcd\\ "BOOTDISK, DISCOVER, SUPPORT, VALUEADD".

11. Open CDRWIN and choose the File Backup and Tools option

12. In the BACKUP/TOOL Operation Choose the (Build an ISO9660 Image File)

13. in FILE BACKUP List click the DIRECTORY button and choose the directory where you copied Windows 2000 (Driver Letter):\\win2kcd. Click OK. Then click the ADD button. You should see the directory in the big box now.

14. Uncheck all Box then only check the Include Hidden Files, Long FileNames(JOLIET), Include System Files, Recurse SubDirectories boxes.

15. For IMAGE FILENAME click the three dots at the right and choose a directory and a filename. Then click Save. You should see the pathname and the filename of your .iso in the box "Like in (Driver Letter):\\win2kiso\\win200.iso".

16. Check the Disable Version Numbers box.

17. Click the Advanced Options button.

18. Volume Descriptor tab.
Volume Label use the name of the original Windows 2000 CD. Volume Label:(Label Name)
Volume Set Name: (Label Name)

19. Dates/Times & Import Session tab don't need to mess with those

20. Bootable Disc tab.

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