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NT Compatible

Requiem, Avenging Angel (3DO)

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Submitted on: 06/02 - This product is working under Windows XP

Use Requiem, Avenging Angel CD to install game under default directory (C:PROGRAM FILES). Download all patches for Requiem, Avenging Angel (ReqUpdate.exe, req_1_2.exe, rqd3d13.exe, rqsfw13.exe) and place into created directory (C:Program Files3DORequiem). Now, take this *entire* 3DO directory and place in XP's DESKTOP, MY DOCUMENTS directory. Start the patches in this order: ReqUpdate.exe, req_1_2.exe, rqd3d13.exe, rqsfw13.exe. All patches should (must!) work successfully. Now, place entire 3DO directory back under C:PROGRAM FILES directory. Copy D3D.EXE file that is already in the C:Program Files3DORequiem directory and place into "root" C: directory of your computer. Double click on Requiem.exe in C:Program Files3DORequiem. Program should now start, and with full hardware video support. This worked for me, so it should work for you -- but no guaranties!!

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Submitted on: 11/04 - This product is not working under Windows XP

I can't seem to find any patches for requiem... the 3d0 site is down and most of the sites that had it took it off line

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