ASUS W2V 17inch Widescreen Notebook Review @ TC Magazine
Posted on: 07/08/2005 08:43 AM

TC Magazine has posted a review on the ASUS W2V 17inch Widescreen Notebook

There are, broadly speaking, two types of laptop. There's the ultra-thin, stylish kind that goes for lightweight and power-efficient hardware, sacrificing power for ergonomics, and then there's the brick-like powerhouses that really only are standard laptop PCs squeezed into a tiny case. The first kind is next to useless for any kind of serious graphics or gaming work, and the others are only suitable for Superman-style, steel reinforced, heat resistant laps because of their weight and power consumption. Gaming, or power computing, on the go simply was not a realistic option - until ASUS released the W2V Notebooks. PCI-Express powered graphics, a mighty shiny 17" display, and a decent weight of just over 3kg make this a powerhouse on the go - with style: a hitherto unknown combination.

ASUS W2V 17inch Widescreen Notebook Review

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