Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Tablet Specs
Posted on: 01/18/2012 05:25 PM

Microsoft's forthcoming tablets have the bar set high for minimum hardware requirements.

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Tablet Specs

From InformationWeek:
Windows 8 won't be the first table entry for Microsoft, but the market may finally be ready for the software giant's idea of what a tablet should be. The Tablet PC, based on Windows XP, and aimed at the tablet form factor, arrived in 2005. Today you can find Windows 7 running on a variety of Slate PCs. Neither idea really took off. Windows 8, however, is designed from the ground up with a UI designed for touch. The hardware specs give us a sense of what the tablets will offer.

With desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft has little or no control over what manufactures include in the hardware. With the tablet though, Microsoft is keeping a tight grip on what is allowed. This will give the platform a minimum performance level and uniform user experience, helping to ensure that reviews of the OS won't be dragged down by anemic hardware, or features that are difficult to access because an OEM is trying to safe a few pennies.

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