Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 for PC and Build 15230 for Mobile
Posted on: 07/14/2017 07:02 AM

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 for PC and Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15230 for Mobile

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 for PC and Build 15230 for Mobile

What’s New in Build 16241 For PC

Windows Shell Improvements:

Recover your pin and password from the lock screen: Self Service solutions empower end users, unburden helpdesk/IT admins, and save organizations money. Cloud Self Service Password Reset (Cloud SSPR) has been a really popular Azure AD Premium (AADP) feature and now we want to take this great capability one step further – Windows Integration. If you’re using an AADP or MSA account and you find yourself stuck at the login screen, you can now reset your password and PIN straight from here. Just click the “Reset password” (for password) / ”I forgot my PIN” (for PIN) link and you’ll be prompted to go through the AAD or MSA flow to reset it. Once reset, you’ll be returned to the login screen where you can login with your newly minted credentials.

Refining Acrylic Material: We’ve heard your feedback, and in response in today’s build you’ll notice we’ve softened the noise layer of Acrylic Material. Below you’ll find a side by side comparison of how it was and how it is now. This will take effect in any XAML based UI and apps where Acrylic Material can be seen which targets Build 16241+.

PC Gaming Improvements:

We fixed an issue preventing profile cards in the Xbox Live in-game experience from working.
We also fixed an issue causing Game bar to crash while broadcasting.
Task Manager Improvements:

We have made some design changes to the GPU section of Performance tab

We have improved how Microsoft Edge’s processes are labeled in Task Manager: In Build 16226, we introduced grouping an app’s processes together in Task Manager. For Microsoft Edge, tab processes were labeled in Task Manager with their web page title.

Mixed Reality Improvements:

Added support for Mixed Reality Motion Controllers over USB (Wireless/Bluetooth support to come soon!)
Connection reliability improvements (Code 43 errors in Device Manager).
We’ve updated the Mixed Reality Portal icon.
We’ve updated teleportation experience to make this more intuitive and direct.
We have also improved stability of the headset during your Mixed Reality session.
We have fixed the issue where the Hill on the side of the cliff house flickers.
We have also fixed where the audio of HoloTour can now turn off promptly when switching between apps and cliff house.
we have also fixed speech commands to work during exclusive app sessions.
We have also improved the experience where we can now load the Environment effectively with no black screen during startup.
Mixed Reality Portal now explicitly informs users that headsets require USB 3.0.
Improved support for ASMedia and other 3rd party USB controllers
4K 360 Video streaming has also been improved in this build.
3Glasses improvements: we have fixed various issues with 3Glasses headset and controller to help jumpstart your development.
Preset holograms in the Cliff House now show up in the right order.
We have also fixed the issue where black screen is shown when the environment is loading.
We have fixed the headset’s sleep cycle to correct according to user activities.
We have also fixed the issue to enable users to share the Mixed Reality captures to Facebook.
For more details, please go to Mixed Reality Flight Notes

Delivery Optimization Improvements:

Delivery Optimization has been synonymous with “Peer-to-peer” but few people are aware that it is also used as the main downloader for content downloaded from Windows Update and Windows Store. Delivery Optimization, even without P2P, is what makes downloads from Windows Store much faster as well as makes downloads of Quality and Feature updates far more reliable. In line with this, the main settings page – now titled “Delivery Optimization” – indicates that while you can enable or disable the P2P functionality, Delivery Optimization is still used when downloading updates and apps directly from Microsoft’s content servers. You can go to this page via Settings > Update & security > Windows Update under “Advanced options” and then “Delivery Optimization.

You may notice two new links under the Delivery Optimization settings page that provide you with some new features for more control and visibility:

Delivery Optimization Advanced Options: Here you can configure various Download and Upload settings.

Activity Monitor: Here you can see the overall bandwidth used in downloads of OS Updates including Feature and Quality updates as well as Store App downloads and updates on your device. You will also be able to see exactly the amount of data coming from other PCs on your local network or other PC on the Internet based on your settings.

Windows Console & Bash on Windows:

Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux Distro is now available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows 10 Insider Preview build >= Build 16215!

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

The Pin to Taskbar option is now grayed out for InPrivate sessions in Microsoft Edge. Websites pinned to the taskbar from an InPrivate session on a previous build will now open in a regular (non-InPrivate) Microsoft Edge session.
We fixed an issue where Windows Defender Security Center showing an ‘Unexpected’ state depending on the implementation of the 3rd party firewall product.
We fixed an issue where the battery status on certain laptops wasn’t updating while the device is unplugged. Thanks everyone who shared logs to help narrow this down.
We fixed an issue from the last flight where apps that called into the firewall, such as Microsoft Edge and other apps using networking, might become unresponsive until you rebooted.
We fixed an issue from the last flight resulting in the Surface Dial UI not appearing.
We fixed an issue when in Recovery Settings if you chose “Reset This PC” > “Keep My files” the operation would fail at 1% and will revert with no changes to the system.
We fixed an issue resulting in an increase in UWP app reliability issues, for example in Microsoft Edge and Photos, in recent flights.
If you were still seeing Storage Spaces issues in 16237, please try again in 16241 and let us know if the issues have been resolved. We’ve made an adjustment to our previous fix.
We fixed an issue resulting in Windows Media Player displaying a class registered error when attempting to play music files in recent flights.
We fixed an issue where the touch keyboard wasn’t automatically displaying upper case keys at the beginning of sentences.
We fixed an issue where Storage Settings might show the size of C: as double the actual size.

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