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Domain vs. Workgroup
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Hi Folk I would like some help with the disadvantages and advantages of having a domain or a Workgroup. Thank

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A Domain is a specifc NAME given to a LAN that includes one or more Domain Controllers(Servers). The advantage is that you have a dedicated server to log/track all users and shares via Active Directory and you can also use this server for other things such as a SQL server and/or SBS etc... The disadvantage to this is the cost and maintanence required to keep this configuration running.

A Workgroup has not dedicated server(s) to track users and such, it's all done via each client machine on the LAN, this includes shared objects and user logons. Advantage, cheaper to run and maintain as you only need two machines running in the same workgroup to be called a workgroup

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1. One location for all user accounts, groups and computers, passwords are same for all computers.
2. Easier and quicker to maintain
3. Scales easier if you add more users and computers

1. Requires a windows server
2. Complex to set up

1. Useful for small networks (10 or less computers)
2. Very easy to setup
3. No additional knowledge required
4. No server required.

1. Need to setup account and password on each and every machine.
2. Passwords can become out of sync, if changed on one computer and not others
3. No easily scalable. If using more than 10 computers, the number of accounts to set up increases a lot more
4. More time required to setup for new users!
5. If using file sharing, you may reach the 10 max simultaneous connections limit

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Forum overview » Security » Domain vs. Workgroup

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