How To Set Up a Killer Killfile in OE5x
Posted on: 11/30/1999 12:00 AM

* Click on View/Current View/Define Views

* A 'Define Views' Window will open. Click 'New' to create a new view

* A 'New View' window will open. At the bottom of this window, give a name to your new view, I suggest "Killfile".

* In the top portion (under 'Select the Conditions ...') Check these boxes:
x- Where the from line contains people
x- Where the subject line contains specific words
x- Where the number of lines in the message is more than lines
x- Where the message has an attachment
x- Where the message is watched or ignored

* Now, in the middle section:
x- click on 'Contains People' and add the name or email addresses of the people you want filtered. Click 'Ok' when you're finished.
x- Still in the middle area, look on the left side, you'll see the word "and". Click it, and choose "Messages match any one of the criteria" and Click Ok. That will change the 'and' to an 'or'.
x- Next click "Contains Specific Words", and begin adding the words you want filtered. This will filter messages based on words in the subject line of the message. For example, if you add 'Viagra', then any message with the word Viagra in the subject line will be hidden. Once you've added all the words you want, click Ok.
x- Next, click 'lines'. This is where you tell the filter the largest message you want to see. 400 lines is roughly 20k (I think). This line is optional of course.
x- The next entry is "Where the message has an attachment", and is optional. If you DO want to see messages with attachments, uncheck that box in the top area.
x- Next click 'watched or ignored' and choose 'Ignore Threads'.
x- The last line in the middle area is "Show/Hide the message". Click 'Show/Hide' and choose "Hide Messages"
x- You're now finished creating the view. Click Ok. You're new view, 'Killfile', will be the highlighted line. Click "Apply View". When you do this, you can then choose if you want the view applied to all of your folders/newsgroups, or only the current folder/newsgroup. If you choose all, it will apply this view to your OE5 email folders as well. You may wish to apply that view to one newsgroup at a time.

x- Click ok, and OE5 will activate your new view. To change between views, you can always click on 'View/Current View' and select the one you want.

In the case of someone postdating, you can now eradicate them by doing this: 1. Click on 'Message', and choose 'Ignore Conversation', 2. Click on Message again, and choose "Block Sender". Blocking the sender will wipe that guy out for good *in that newsgroup only*. If you want him wiped from all newsgroups, you customize your 'Killfile' view that you created. 'Ignoring' the conversation will wipe that entire thread IF your Killfile view is currently active. However, you won't see it disappear until you leave that newsgroup, and then come back to it.

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