3 ways to get a new Windows 7 PC in the Windows 8 era
Posted on: 03/10/2014 10:02 PM

You can still buy or build a PC with Windows 7, or possibly downgrade from Windows 8. It just takes a little extra legwork.

3 ways to get a new Windows 7 PC in the Windows 8 era

From Networkworld:
If any word most accurately describes Windows 8, it's "divisive." Microsoft's finger-first, device-agnostic reimagining of Windows draws haters like flies and has played some part--how large a part is up in the air--in driving PC sales off a cliff since its launch. Even so, Microsoft isn't backing down, and Windows 8 and its Live Tiles are darn near ubiquitous in stores.

Don't think you're a hostage to Microsoft's hubris, however.

While Windows 8 indeed lurks inside the vast majority of consumer PCs sold today, Windows 7 is by no means dead and gone. In fact, PC purists pining for the halcyon days of Windows 7 have a wealth of ways to acquire a PC powered by their operating system of choice. It just takes a little digging.

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