4 Ways To Copy Files (Faster) In Windows
Posted on: 07/18/2013 10:08 AM

MakeUseOf shows you 4 ways to copy files in Windows

4 Ways To Copy Files (Faster) In Windows

Windows 7′s file copy dialog is okay — but just okay. It isn’t the fastest when copying a large number of files, and it will stop the entire process if you have to deal with file conflicts or other errors. However, there are faster ways to copy files that will deal with file conflicts more intelligently.

The traditional Windows file copy dialog’s worst problem is the way it stops and waits for input when it detects a problem, preventing you from leaving the process alone to finish on its own. Luckily, Microsoft improved this with Windows 8. If you’re not using Windows 8 yet, you can get this feature on Windows 7 or even older versions of Windows.

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