A4Tech Easy Go Optical Notebook Mouse Review
Posted on: 01/07/2005 07:58 AM

Mikhailtech take a look at A4Tech's Easy Go miniature notebook optical mouse.

The cable is approximately 2 feet long. This is optimal length for a notebook (since the mouse is never far from it), but a bit short for desktop use, especially if it has to be wired up, under, over, or around a desk. One of the best features of the Easy Go is its ability to wrap up completely. The cable can be fed through the back and locked into place via the rectangular block. It then wraps around 3.5 times before the USB connector snaps into the hole in the back. It not only makes the mouse compact, but also reduces the annoyance caused by trying to take a mouse out of a laptop bag only to find it tangled with your power cord/headphones/LAN cable/etc.

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