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Posted on: 06/06/2005 03:29 PM

Net-Forums posted a review on the Abit AN8 Fatal1ty SLI motherboard

Abit is a company that has always catered for the “enthusiast” user. Less than two years ago they were producing some of the top overclocking motherboards around. Two of these in particular went on to become legends. They were the Abit IC7 an Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4 based board and the other was the Abit NF7 an AMD Socket A nForce2 based board.

When Engineer Oscar Wu (well know amongst the overclocking community) left them and moved over to DFI is was definitely a sad day for Abit loyalists. However, not being one to rest on their laurels Abit quickly set about reclaiming some of their glory and part of that strategy was to launch their range of Fatal1ty products.

With the aid of World Champion gamer Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel they released their new Fatal1ty lineup targeting the gaming market in particular. The Abit AN8 is based on the NForce4 chipset and there are no less than 7 versions of this board (AN8, AN8-3rd Eye, AN8 Ultra, AN8 V2.0, AN8 SLI, AN8-V and the Fatal1ty AN8 SLI.)

Today I will be looking at the top of the range AN8 SLI Fatal1ty motherboard. Based on the features alone it promises to be a very exciting product. Does it deliver? Let’s take a look.

Abit AN8 Fatal1ty SLI reviewed

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