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Posted on: 06/20/2005 04:17 AM takes a look at the Actiontec Wireless G Ethernet Adapter

Wireless has an unrelenting grasp on the networking market today. Hotspots are becoming more and more common and consumers are often opting for wireless networks rather than wired ones. With all of this new demand, more products must be developed to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Media players and game consoles are just a small bit of the market which can benefit from going wireless. This is where a wireless Ethernet Adapter comes in. Unlike a computer, many devices don’t afford you the option of upgrading internally with a wireless card, leaving you stuck with one wired Ethernet port.

What I have in front of me today is Actiontec’s 54Mbps Wireless Ethernet Adapter, which promises to bring your wired products into the wireless age. This product plugs into your existing Ethernet port and acts as a wireless bridge to your existing wireless network. It sounds like a good idea, but does it work, and well? That is what I intend to find out.

Actiontec Wireless G Ethernet Adapter

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