Adapting a Playstation Joystick to a PC @ Hardware Secrets
Posted on: 06/17/2005 11:09 AM

Hardware Secrets posted an article about adapting a Playstation Joystick to a PC

The process of adapting a Playstation joystick to a PC is similar to the process of adapting a Genesis joystick. But since the Playstation joystick plug is different, the manufacture of the adapting cable is a little different, too.

You will need to buy the following parts: 5x 1N4148 diodes, 1x DB-25 connector (male, with box, also known as 25-pin D-Sub), and 6’ 11” (2 meters) of 8-wire cable. Besides, you will need a soldering iron and know how to weld! The best would be to get a male plug to fit in the Playstation joystick, however such plug is not easy to find.

Adapting a Playstation Joystick to a PC

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