ADATA SX900 128GB SSD Review
Posted on: 09/21/2012 09:01 AM

OCC has published a review on the ADATA SX900 128GB SSD

ADATA SX900 128GB SSD Review

Over the past few months we have seen a tremendous decrease in the consumer cost of SSDs ranging from 64GB caching SSDs to 256GB storage SSDs. As the market is flooded with more and more options for SSDs, the competition between all of the major brands drives cost to the consumer down. For as little as $0.70 per GB and lower, a computer owner can significantly increase the performance of their computer by switching to an SSD as a main drive. SSDs are also a great choice for laptops as battery life is stretched as a result of the lower power requirements.

Today, we will be checking out a 128GB SSD from a manufacturer named ADATA. The ADATA SX900 128GB SSD is based off of the SF-2281 series SandForce controller. It is specified to have read/write performance of 550MB/520MB/s and a maximum 4K Write IOPS of 85,000. So far, the SX900 series SSDs from ADATA are the fastest SSDs it has produced. SX900 series SSDs are available in sizes of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. For about $110, you can purchase an ADATA SX900 128GB SSD of your own. Included with the drive is a license key for a copy of Acronis True Image, which by itself is a $50 value! Having already seen some great performance from SandForce SSDs, I'm excited to see how ADATA stands up to the competition.

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