AOPEN AK79G Max nForce2 IGP Mainbaord Review
Posted on: 03/11/2003 05:46 PM

OC Workbench has posted an AOPEN AK79G Max nForce2 IGP Mainbaord review

AOPEN AK79G Max is what we have got and it is based on the nForce2 GT+MCP-T chipsets. It features on board video with the capability of GeForce 4MX (8x). It also comes with dual channel DDR266/DDR333/DDR400 for maximum performance. It features other things like nForce Audio Processing Unit (APU), nVIDIA SoundStorm and Dolby Digital Compatible, 10/100Mbps network and integrate 1394 ports. AK79G Max also comes with SerialATA. AOPEN AK79Max has included some very innovative and unique extra value onto the board. WINBIOS is one such exceptionally new invention which will bring you even more control of your system all from within Windows.

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