ASUS F1A85-V PRO Motherboard Review
Posted on: 12/04/2012 04:19 PM

t-break posted a review on the ASUS F1A85-V PRO Motherboard

ASUS F1A85-V PRO Motherboard Review

ASUS is known not only for their quality components, but also because of their feature rich packages that provide value unmatched by other manufacturers at times. The ASUS F1A85-V PRO is one such motherboard that throws a ton of features for a chipset meant for budget gaming or as an HTPC.

One of the most obvious things about the ASUS F1A85-V PRO is its focus on overclocking. We have their DIGI+ Power Control system which allows for efficient power delivery to the CPU and integrated GPU, as well as the memory when tweaking speed and voltage controls within the BIOS. Of course, the Auto Tuning software will give you a pre-defined overclock based on your CPU, so you don’t even have to worry about anything else. Still, the automatic overclock isn’t as aggressive as what custom tuning can achieve.

Another feature that’s becoming popular in most new motherboards is the ability to charge your devices even when the computer is turned off, not just in hibernation or sleep state. As such, ASUS promises 3x faster charging compared to normal USB trickle charge.

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