Battle of the MP3 Players - Archos vs. Creative
Posted on: 03/03/2003 06:54 PM

Sudhian Media has posted a comparison review between the MP3 players from Archos and Creative

If you say MP3 today, most people will know that you are talking about a music file, commonly downloaded from the internet or created from audio CD’s. I can remember the time when MP3 was a format just picking up speed, and when MP2 was used to do the same task. MP2 however, would take about 100MB for an entire album, where MP3 can do the same in about 60MB, depending on quality. Personally when I rip MP3’s I use a high bitrate and my albums end up around 100MB anyway. When MP3 players first arrived, they had small amounts of memory – typically 64MB onboard, with an expansion slot. I had a Rio 500 for a while that had a total of 96MB of memory. This was enough for a custom album, but that was it. We eventually saw the rise of MP3 CD players and jukebox MP3 players. Jukebox MP3 players contain hard drives which have plenty of space for your MP3 collection. We are going to take a look at two different hard drive-based MP3 players today - one from Archos, and one from Creative.

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