Beginners Guides: Installing Windows XP
Posted on: 07/24/2003 12:36 PM

PC Stats has published a new beginners guide: Installing Windows XP

Installing Microsoft operating systems has never been a particularly trying task, assuming that your hardware is working correctly. Keeping Microsoft operating systems from acquiring an assortment of viruses, useless icons, spyware and garbage programs which eventually clog up your beloved PC like bright green pond scum is a whole other issue. Thankfully, that's not the focus of this article. While both WinXP Home and Professional are based on the same core operating system, which in turn is based on Windows 2000, there are substantial differences in their individual capabilities. WindowsXP Pro is a direct successor to Windows 2000 Professional, with all the capabilities of the former, a business-oriented client OS. WindowsXP Home, at least in function, is more like a spiritual successor to windows 95/98/Me, a decidedly non-business-centric OS.

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