Contentteller 2.1.0 released
Posted on: 04/25/2010 06:45 PM

A new major release of Contentteller has been released

Contentteller is a powerful content management system written in the PHP scripting language designed for sites of all sizes and types.

Version 2.1.0 (2010-04-25)
- Revamp admin control panel to enhance the usability
- Added separate IE6/7 CSS overrides to the templates
- Updated template XML to store the template uncompressed and include the IE6/7 CSS overrides
- Added an option to load/save instant styles
- Added multiple custom styles
- Added additional style options such as rounded corners to the instant style editor
- Added an option to import/export instant styles as XML
- Renamed the export directory to import_export
- Rewrote the search engine friendly URL function
- Added canonical tag to header
- Added superfish dropdown menu
- Added configure option to the blocks
- Added an option to automatically fetch information from an url to the news module
- Added optional reCAPTCHA security code option
- The latest version of the Acquire import module is now part of the Contentteller distribution
- Added additional block codes , , , and
- Added video block codes to embed youtube and other video services
- Added option to upload attachments from URL
- Updated PAD support to 3.10 specs
- Added an option to get the latest PAD updates from the PAD repository of the Association of Shareware Professionals
- Added on-the-fly PAD parsing to the files queue
- Added support for Twitter and Plurk to the news and files modules
- Added Twitter und Plurk status blocks
- Added support for both TinyURL and URL shortening services
- Added optional WYSIWYG editor to comments
- Added screenshot field to the files queue
- Added more customizable social links to the news, articles, files, and knowledgebase module
- Added one click voting option to the news module
- Added optional quick submission function to the news module
- Added column wizard to the template module
- Added an option to sort the news/files archive descending
- Added clone module to the modules manager
- Added optional BotScout check for new registrations
- Added Spam Management to the user module
- Added contributed/source field to files module
- Added option to fetch title and description from URL in news module
- Added support for the superfish dropdown menu in all important modules
- Added custom template set option to content, news, articles, knowledgebase, and files module
- Added multiple pages support at the news and files main page
- Added an optional link to the archive at the news and files main page
- Added an option to override the site blocks in all important modules
- Added an option to search the admin preferences
- Changed the template system to keep a copy of the master templateset in the database
- Added options to syncronize the templates in Manage Templates against the master templateset
- Removed Sync Templates from the templates module after this feature is now obsolet
- Added a feature in template editor to highlight templates that has been edited within the last week
- Added an option to automatically remove search queries older then 24 hours
- Removed support for the following forums vBulletin 2, vBulletin 3.0, vBulletin 3.5, vBulletin 3.6, vBulletin 3.7, IP.Board 2, MyBB 1.2/1.4, and WBB 2
- Added support for SHA512 hashes. This is only supported on PHP 5.1.2 and higher
- Added an option to approve trackbacks in the news overview section
- Added an option to automatically convert video urls into video block code
- Added email notifications for trackbacks
- Added an option to associate news stories, files, knowledgebase entries, and articles with existing forum posts
- Added last login time to the user profile
- Prepared the database for future 3rd party authorization support
- Added an option to hide empty CompatDB entries
- Rewrote the installer to allow to choose modules during the installation

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