GIGABYTE GTX 680 Super Overclock Review
Posted on: 09/03/2012 10:18 PM

Vortez posted a review on the GIGABYTE GTX 680 Super Overclock

GIGABYTE GTX 680 Super Overclock Review

When companies want to promote a product it never hurts to add 'super' to the product name. After all, who is going to buy a 'standard strength cold remedy when there is 'Super Strength' available. Bachelors don't make standard noodles either, they are of course 'Super Noodles'. Even nappy (diaper) manufacturers are in on the claiming the products 'super absorbency'. When in actual fact most of the products with the afore mentioned 'Super' tagline are usually 'standard' with nothing particularly super about them at all! The same can be said of graphics cards and to be honest, most enthusiast PC hardware. 'Xtreme', 'Pro' Ultra' are just some of the buzz words manufacturers of our favourite hardware have been using for years. Gigabyte are no different so when we were asked to review their later 'Super' Overclocked graphics card there were a few rolling of eyes around the office.

That was until we realised exactly which card this was.

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