IDF August 2005 Day 1 Coverage @ HEXUS
Posted on: 08/23/2005 05:52 PM

HEXUS has posted day 1 of their IDF August 2005 coverage

IDF August 2005 :: Pre IDF Speech from Steve Pawlowski

HEXUS attended a pre-IDF warm up speech from Steve Pawlowski who leads the Digital Enterprise group, from which you’ll see high end chipset and server products.

Pre IDF Speech from Steve Pawlowski

IDF August 2005 :: Next Gen - No more HyperThreading (HT) for Intel

Intel have just stated that HT is not going to feature in their next architecture. This is a bit of a shock since they spent months messaging us that HT would be the most important move in microprocessor development, Intel have removed it (read - not included it) in their next generation processor.

No more HyperThreading (HT) for Intel

IDF August 2005 :: Intel's New Architecture Plans

Opening IDF today Intel's CEO Paul Ottelini told Developers, Partners, Press and Analysts about their new Architecture.

Intel's New Architecture Plans

IDF August 2005 :: IDF Day 1

Intel today opened IDF with a speech from Jeff Mcrae, Director of Intel USA, who opened by stating that Intel’s aim is to lead and pioneer the future. He paraphrased Alan Kaye by saying the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

The main theme of IDF this year is the multicore platforms and Intel want to drive the developers and the community towards a common goal. Intel’s strategy is one of higher performance and lower power consumption.

IDF Day 1

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