Lian-Li PC-A77 – Review
Posted on: 07/04/2008 03:55 PM

Clunk posted a review on the Lian-Li PC-A77 case

I got my first Lian-Li case back in 2002, it was the second revision PC-60, complete with a full set of 80mm fans and a beautiful , silver, hard anodised, aluminium finish.

Since then, I have owned several Lian-Li cases with varying degrees of customisation, and it was only around 18 months ago that I strayed from the Lian-Li path and straight under the wheels of a Mountain Mods truck.

I have never really liked the MM case and have been looking for a replacement for a while, but nothing has pushed my buttons until this week, and that button pusher was the Lian-Li PC-A77-B.

Lian-Li PC-A77 – Review

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