Logitech MediaPlay Review
Posted on: 02/05/2005 07:31 AM

HWzone has posted a review on the Logitech MediaPlay

Various multimedia keys on the keyboard are nothing new, and in fact you can find them on most keyboards today, even the simple ones, but Logitech has decided to integrate these keys into the mouse. Its true that mice with many buttons aren't uncommon today, and most mice today come with about 5 such buttons that can be programmed however you like, but how about 12 buttons?
You'll probably ask yourself why the hell would you (or anyone) need 12 buttons on your mouse? Well, Logitech didn't simply add useless buttons to the mouse, but tried to make it into something slightly different. With the first glance at the name of the mouse you will notice the word "MediaPlay" and indeed, that is the general idea behind this mouse - not another simple mouse, but a mouse that is supposed to be the answer for all the multimedia needs of your PC, and in fact become a remote control for your computer, but does it work?

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