Microsoft's Vista Hacker Speaks: 7 Lessons Learned
Posted on: 08/24/2011 05:43 PM

InformationWeek posted an article what Microsoft's final security review team learned during the three-month code review of Windows Vista

Microsoft's Vista Hacker Speaks: 7 Lessons Learned

If you're a Microsoft conspiracy theorist seeking a smoking gun over Redmond's security practices, prepare to be disappointed. In so many words, that was the message delivered by security expert Chris Paget of Recursion Ventures--job title: chief hacker--who five years ago was part of a handpicked "final security review" team called in to assess Microsoft Vista for security defects on the eve of its release.

Vista's developers had expected their code to be near-perfect. Thanks to the efforts of Paget--a self-professed Unix aficionado--the release of Vista was delayed, as the three-month code review tripled in personnel size and project duration.

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