nForce4 Intel Edition Nvidia Chipset Overview Review
Posted on: 04/15/2005 10:14 AM

A1 Electronics posted a nForce4 Intel Edition Nvidia chipset overview review

We take a moment to review this new Nvidia chipset for Intel processors, the nForce4 Intel Edition or IE which supports dual-core processors along with SLI support. Reports are showing that this nForce4 IE processor chipset is giving very much better performance than Intel's i925XE system.

This nForce4 Intel chipset is different to the AMD nForce4 version in that the memory controller is not included as Intel have included in their architecture which has caused Nvidia to move to two chips and have been able to add some more enhancements to this nForce4.

Nividia are very well known for their chipsets targeted at high-end graphics users but Nvidia really want to break into the mainstream where the money is and hope that this Intel nForce4 chipset will allow them to compete with Intel and their chipsets.

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