Perceptive Pixel Touch Driver 1.6.3
Posted on: 07/10/2013 07:49 AM

Microsoft has released Perceptive Pixel Touch Driver 1.6.3. The Perceptive Pixel Touch Driver enables a world class touch and stylus experience on devices from Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft.

Perceptive Pixel Touch Driver 1.6.3

Release 1.6.3 of the Perceptive Pixel Touch Driver improves on several aspects of the Perceptive Pixel experience. Feature updates and bug fixes include:

Added support for multiple styluses via native Windows input.
Improved Control Panel properties dialog, adding additional hardware and firmware information as well as stylus status.
Added new functionality and Improved compatibility when using Windows 8.
Optimized device and sensor communication code to improve touch and pen accuracy.
Fixed palm detection that would occasional report and reject some touches as palms.
Updated product names and text in dialog boxes, EULA, and other places.
Signed installers, executables, and drivers using the Microsoft Corporation digital certificate.
Changed stylus reporting to conform with the Windows Pointer Device Data Delivery Protocol.
Improved Customer Experience Improvement Program data collection.

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