Scythe Kamakaze Intel/AMD Performance CPU Cooler Review
Posted on: 04/12/2004 02:23 PM

TweakNews has posted a Scythe Kamakaze Intel/AMD Performance CPU Cooler review

Scythe has created a powerful, yet quiet CPU cooler. I kept it installed on the Albatron PX875P Pro while I was working on that review, pushed that board hard, and was happy to see that the CPU temperatures were well-controlled. I just kept the Kamakaze on high, and despite the fact that this testbed was in my open Lubic case, I never felt that the noise was a nuisance. If anything, I would occasionally forget it was on high and reach over to the speed control thinking I'd forgotten to crank it up (as I sometimes did with my Thermaltake Volcano 12).

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