Shure E4g Sound Isolating Earphones Review
Posted on: 08/14/2006 01:31 AM

XYZ Computing has posted a new article on the Shure E4g Sound Isolating Earphones

The goal of this product was to bring a high-quality listening experience to the earphone, a device which has gotten incredibly popular since the explosion of the iPod onto the portable media player scene. The E3c
is designed to offer performance while keeping the price of the product well
under the $200 price point. While this is a lofty goal, especially for an
in-ear headphone, it ended up being a really great product. This time around we will be looking at another model, the E4g. The "g" or Gaming Edition is very similar to the original "c" series, but offers a few interesting differences which we will get into later on. The more important difference is the step up from the "3" to the "4", a change which marks a step up in price, but brings along a few notable upgrades to the audio quality.

Shure E4g Sound Isolating Earphones Review

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