So what is Bing Desktop?
Posted on: 12/18/2012 10:31 AM

Ghacks posted a review on Bing Desktop

So what is Bing Desktop?

Bing Desktop is a free program by Microsoft that aims to bring the company’s search engine to the Windows desktop. The review could stop right here as that’s all there is to know about the program, but I’d like to dive a bit deeper into it nevertheless.

When you install Bing Desktop, a 2 Megabyte download by the way, you will receive a configuration screen after installation where you may accidentally or willingly change a couple of system settings. All options are enabled by default and will have the following effect when not unchecked:

Make Bing’s wallpaper of the day the desktop background of the system
Make Internet Explorer the default system browser
Make MSN the homepage
Make Bing the default search provider

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