Sony Ericsson P910i PDA Camera Phone Review
Posted on: 11/01/2004 07:26 AM

OCW has posted a review on the Sony Ericsson P910i PDA Camera Phone

The Sony Ericsson P910i is an upgraded version of the P900 phone which centres around the Symbian OS. As a PDA and phone, Sony Ericsson has taken into consideration the best of both worlds integrated into a gadget. The P910i adds on the support of 1GB Memory Duo Stick and an flip-on keyboard. The flip on keyboard is small and in reality, I wonder how many would use it for SMS text messaging. Based on the Symbian OS, this platform has tons of productivity applications out on the net for trial or purchase. P910i comes with some and it allows me to view PDF files and edit excel/word files. Well, looks like we will be busy on trains editing our contracts and proposals as it is word and excel friendly.

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