Tai-Chi Super Tower Case Review
Posted on: 09/21/2005 08:31 AM

The Guru of 3D has posted a review on the Tai-Chi Super Tower Case

Konichiwa everyone, watakushi-wa Hilbert, desu. Is everybody yin yang? Today we're doing a little Tai Chi session. Yes guru's welcome to our moment of Zen where I'll take you to a relaxed and balanced state of mind, thanks to Thermaltake.

See Thermaltake recently released a new PC case. Targeted at the high-end and enthusiast consumer with a diminutive amount of money to spare, Thermaltake offers a new series of PC ATX/BTX ready casings. It's widely compatible with all mainboards and has a certain balanced feel to it. It's huge, it's heavy, it's impressive, it's beautiful and it's called the Tai Chi. Now you all have heard about that phrase Tai Chi, but what does it mean exactly? Hey, obviously Thermaltake choose the name for a reason. Well you're on Guru3D.com so allow me to lecture a minute.

Tai-Chi Super Tower Case Review

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