Thermaltake Big Water 735 Review
Posted on: 03/16/2007 11:09 AM

C.O.D. takes a look at the Antec Performance One - Thermaltake Big Water 735

There are times in a computer's life when air cooling will no longer fit the bill. Unfortunately, most main stream computer users are sometimes afraid to experiment. This should no longer be the case because water and electronics were meant for each other.

If you have been following computing, things have been changing, duh. As things get faster, they require greater cooling. As things got faster, heat sinks got bigger and bigger, making more noise than my grandmother in the bathroom. For this reason, some of us have ventured into mixing water and electricity to bring the noise down and the speeds up.

Thermaltake is not new when it comes to cooling, and now they are trying to do what they do best, bringing what the enthusiasts have been doing for years to everyone else. Enter the Big Water 735 complete water cooling solution.

Thermaltake Big Water 735 Review

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