Turn Your Surface Pro 3 (or any Windows tablet) into an Android Tablet
Posted on: 05/14/2015 06:42 AM

AMI has released an Android environment for Windows, bringing the full Android tablet experience to Windows users.

Turn Your Surface Pro 3 (or any Windows tablet) into an Android Tablet

From Supersite for Windows:
For a long time, if you wanted to run Android apps on a Windows computer, Bluestacks was about the only real contender. There are others, but the Bluestacks Android emulator was about the best, despite some glaring performance issues. That was, until American Megatrends (AMI) decided to throw its hat into the ring.

I've been testing a new Android emulator from AMI, called AMIDuOS, the last few days and the experience has been fantastic. Somehow AMI has figured out how to successfully bring a full Android tablet experience to Windows, with no major drawbacks. Essentially, you install AMIDuOS and you can choose to run Android side-by-side with Windows, or push it to full screen and transform the Windows tablet completely into the Android tablet experience. Everything just works – even Google Now voice controls. AMIDuOS takes full advantage of the hardware it's installed on.

When AMIDuOS installs it comes with some pre-loaded apps, including the Amazon Android app store, but doesn't include the Google Play app store. This is remedied with an update that can be downloaded that is then applied directly to the AMIDuOS instance. With AMIDuOS running, you simply locate the downloaded file, right-click, and choose "Apply to DuOS."

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