Tweaking Guide for Windows 8.1
Posted on: 10/24/2013 07:08 AM

TweakHound has posted a guide about tweaking Windows 8.1

Tweaking Guide for Windows 8.1

Windows 8 represents a major change in the way Microsoft thinks we use computers. For better or worse they have attempted to unify the user experience across a variety of devices including tablets, laptops, tablet-laptop hybrids, phones, and PC’s. Windows 8 is designed for touch screens. This guide is aimed at using Windows 8 as a desktop PC and/or laptop without touch capabilities. It is not about completely eliminating Metro but rather doing most of the work in desktop mode while taking advantage of the new features in Metro. In other words, this guide is for people who want to get stuff done. With that said…

For folks who really do not like Windows 8, you are not stuck with it. Your Windows 8 license allows you to downgrade to Windows 7 if you desire. See my guide: How To Downgrade Windows 8

Welcome to the 5th of my operating system tweak guides, Tweaking Windows 8.1. Like the Windows XP (first version created in 2002!), Vista, Seven, and Eight guides before it, the aim of this guide is to make your Windows experience a little better. Tweaking Windows 8 is different than my previous tweak guides. Since Windows 8 offers different environments and ways of doing things I’ve decided to approach to this guide differently. Instead of trying to anticipate the dozens of different ways someone will or can do something in Windows 8 I’m going to show you the way I do it, from start to finish. Some folks may be disappointed in this but I’ve no intention of writing a several hundred page book. I’m not an author or journalist. I’m just a Geek that likes helping folks.

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