Uneed DIGN HV5 HTPC Case Review
Posted on: 04/20/2005 07:57 AM

XtremeResources published an HTPC case review by South Korean case manufacturer Uneed.

The very first PCs that began entering into households were based o­n the original desktop design. Not long after, this design was abandoned for the more practical and convenient tower design, which was better for space arrangement and heat dissipation. However, nowadays the ‘old’ format became popular for HTPC setups, as they require a desktop design which looks nice in order for them to harmonize a living room hi-fi setup. o­ne of the cases that excel in looking just perfect to complement a hi-fi arrangement is the Uneed DIGN HV5 HTPC Case. To the untrained eye, it will be mistaken for an oversized DVD player. Uneed is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. Being a very new company, they specialize in building o­nly HTPC cases and hardwar.

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