VGA RAM prices hike over 30% in August
Posted on: 08/17/2017 06:02 AM

DigiTimes reports that the RAMs used in graphics cards have risen to US$8.50, up by 30.8% from US$6.50 in July. Both Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have allocated part of their VGA RAM production capacities to producing memories for servers and handsets.

VGA RAM prices hike over 30% in August

Sources from the upstream supply chain expect the pricing to go even higher in September and the shortages will pose a great challenge to graphics card and gaming notebook players over their abilities to handle component inventory.

Currently, Samsung supplies around 55% of worldwide VGA RAM shipments, followed by SK Hynix at 35% and Micron Technology at 10%.

Gaming notebook models in the price range of US$799-899 are usually equipped with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, which uses four RAMs, while models priced between US$999-1,099 are mostly equipped with a GTX 1060 GPU, which uses six RAMs, and a GTX 1070 GPU needs eight. The higher-end the models, the higher costs they command.

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