Windows 95 Runs on Android Wear Device
Posted on: 10/06/2014 06:09 AM

Someone was able to sideload the Windows 95 operating system to run on Android Wear device

Windows 95 Runs on Android Wear Device

From SmartWatchApps:
The user Corbin Davenport used the ADOSBOX to install the Windows 95 O.S, if you remember he is also the one who made the Doom and Minecraft games to run on Android Wear. Well the O.S doesn’t have much function on the Gear Live smartwatch but it’s nice to see the Windows 95 come alive again on the next generation device. So far it is just a demonstration, it shows how far our technology has advance in terms of hardware and software.

The Windows 95 on Android Wear device did not run smoothly as pointed out by Corbin, it lags and very slow, he also pointed out that the O.S runs out of RAM after opening an application, but so far the menu works, and you can move the mouse pointer by just touching the screen.

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