World's first Extreme Dynamic Range display
Posted on: 10/03/2005 01:11 PM

Bit-Tech posted an article on the World's first Extreme Dynamic Range display

We drop by Brightside's headquarters for a demonstration of their extreme dynamic range technology, which the Canadian firm claims is the first HDR display.

By using a matrix of ultra bright, white LEDs, the Brightside DR37-P can modulate or selectively turn off the backlight in parts of the screen, producing pure zero-light blacks. It also has a peak luminance of some 4000cd/m2 - EIGHT times greater than Sharp's new 'high contrast ratio' LCD.

We found that the difference between watching content on the HDR screen as compared to a standard LCD screen was as stark as the difference between standard and high definition video - it's amazing!

We bring you a world exclusive preview of the technology that powers the display, which is set to be licensed by all the big manufacturers and has been developed with input from ATI.

World's first Extreme Dynamic Range display

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