ZeroSpyware 2005 Anti-spyware Program Review
Posted on: 05/03/2005 02:46 AM

A True Review posted a review on the ZeroSpyware 2005 Anti-spyware Program

A few years ago, our biggest worry about going online was catching a virus. Nowadays, in addition to viruses, our computers have to also worry about another growing threat – spyware. Not only is spyware annoying, but it also poses a big threat to your privacy. Whereas a computer virus only affects your computer, certain spyware can potentially affect your entire livelihood. Luckily there are plenty of anti-spyware programs available. Unfortunately, there is no industrial standard for spyware protection and as a result, the performance and effectiveness of each program varies. While some anti-spyware programs are free, others are not – such as ZeroSpyware 2005 by FBM. Just what does ZeroSpyware 2005 offer over the competition? Should you consider paying for spyware protection? Read on and find out.

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