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EA Sports Superbike 2001
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Junior Member

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Joined: 2001-11-17
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Icon 2001-11-17 12:25:20

Ok here goes...

Trying to run EA Sports Superbike 2001 on a PIII 900MHZ processor amd G-Force NVIDIA 3 card. when i run the game it goes through the EA front screen and then drops out. No error message and no game... I hate XP with a passion thinking of reverting this amchine to Win 98 which was stable before (and ran this game well! HELP!

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Senior Member

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Icon 2001-11-19 03:30:57

Don't blame Windows XP because EA doesn't care about their customers. They knew about Windows XP long before Superbike waseven released but refused to do what 90% of what all the other developers were doing and make their games compatible with Windows 2000 so they would also be compatible with XP. And they could also come out with a patch to address compatibility but they don't care so they won't. Just don't hate Microsoft or XP when it's EA's fault. They had plenty of time to address this. Windows XP is a great OS far more faster and reliable then 98.

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Joined: 2001-10-25
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Icon 2001-11-19 05:16:18

One of the main reasons is that SBK2001 will only work in 16bit colour (yeah, I know -sucks huh?), u could maybe try running it @ 16 bit + in '98 compatability mode.

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Posts: 24
Joined: 2001-10-05
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Icon 2001-11-30 23:14:46

Dont blame XP, I couldn't get it to run under win2000 pro. (blame EA)

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Joined: 2001-12-02
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Icon 2001-12-02 03:21:33

SBK never worked for me in Win2K, but it works in Win XP. I use the 98 compatibility mode and it passes the video screen. Desktop in 32bit as well. I think its a hit or miss sitution with many EA games.

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Forum overview » Games » EA Sports Superbike 2001

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