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Need help to get a game running on Windows? This is the place to ask

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Chess Mates on windows 10

Hi, i am trying to run the old game Chess Mates on my windows 10 computer. I still have the disc for the game, but i cant get the setup or install programs to work. When i try to run the application ''INSTLR95'', i get the prompt asking if i want to allow the app to make changes, i select yes, and then i get the fo ...
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avatar Last reply by just-a-user on

Problems running the 11th hour.

I recently repurchased this game for the nostalgic value it offered, since I liked it when I was younger. I got the 11th hour patch from this site, and the game installs and runs. However, The walking animations around the mansion seem to be EXTREMELY fast, and I cannot see the pieces of the puzzles when they are n ...
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avatar Last reply by RichardGhval on

Chaos Gate game works but graphics problems

Hi, I have a problem with the grafics in Chaos Gate game. I see 3 display in my display but it´s not a resolution problem, because i choosed other and it did the same. I have Windows 10 and it must work with it.
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avatar Last reply by Jentu on

Need For Speed 5 Porsche 2000

Initially when I had installed installed NFS 5, my game would quit to desktop right after the introduction video. I couldn't even get into the main menu of the game. I found a fix at this link and installed it.
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avatar Last reply by M4sterm1nd on

Cold Shadow error

I had a problem with Cold Shadow. I spent two months out of my time to fix this stupid problem. But I still connot still figure out a solution for this problem. . . What I thought about is putting a second hard drive on my computer then install Windows 95.
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avatar Last reply by Lana3 on

Resident evil 1 pc

hi,i need help i just install resident evil 1 pc for windows 7 and my game running too fast do anyone know how to fix this please?
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avatar Last reply by ltos23 on

heist problem running in xp

i bought the pc version of the virgin interactive game heist but havent bee able to play it. it loads fine but when you come to the amin menu the graphics on the selection button work but you cant select any of them so therefore you are just stuck on the main screen.
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avatar Last reply by mecm on


Hi all. I really need help. Tried everything to load my saved games ;( Tried the compatibility thing,tried changing saved games directory. NOTHING!!!! :x ;( :x When I try to load it says LeonA /00/ Waiting Room.
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avatar Last reply by mn_acer1 on

Heavy Gear 1 on Windows 7

I have read alot of similiar problems that I have had after installing SP2. My system basically crashed. It kept restarting and then a few times later I got the wonderful BLUE SCREEN. I have a water cooled: AMD64 3200+ oc'ed Shuttle AN50R mobo ATI 9800 pro video oc'ed, 1GB of Mushkin ddr 3200, raid 0 36GB RAPTOR(10 ...
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age of empires 2

...not a bad approach. I think it is important to point out that the function of both thermal grease and adhesive is to fill the air pocket formed between the chip and the sink (from a cooling perspective). The adhesive allows relatively easy mounting of the sink to the chip. The materials that are typically used i ...
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avatar Last reply by Jay Shawn on

Problem with Resident evil 2, FF7 & FF8

Hey there I've got a problem with Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII. The problem is the same for all three of them. I'm using windows XP and the problem is that when I run the games I can't control them properly, they go to the menu by themselves, they choose options without me pressing anythi ...
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avatar Last reply by Jay Shawn on

Impossible running RE2 PC

Dan Soir
I got Resident Evil 2 for PC, I run it on Windows XP. At the beginning, it was slow and poor graphics, and the game didn't load, the can't load file-like thing. So I changed the compatibilty to Win 98 and changed the save directory to C:\residentevil2 Now the game runs smoothly and fast, but the save/load screen al ...
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I'm using windows xp sp2 the game runs smoothly but when i entered a room, a pop-up appeared saying that the instruction at XXXXXXXXXX referenced memory at XXXXXXXXXX. The memory could not be read. what should i do with this? help pls.
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avatar Last reply by catdude2000 on

Resident Evil 2 Blank Screen

I've been trying for hours to get RE2 to work on my Windows 7 64 bit computer. I've tried it installed and not installed, with the patch and without it, all the graphics drivers in the Autorun menu, and I still get a black screen when it gets to the menu.
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avatar Last reply by catdude2000 on

Trouble with installing Bejeweled/Alchemy CD

I am having trouble with installing the Bejeweled/Alchemy CD on a Computer with Windows XP I need some Help on How can I get the Bejeweled/Alchemy CD installed on a Computer with Windows XP. If anyone knows the answers please email me at CHANNING28270@GMAIL.
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avatar Last reply by channing28105 on

Windows 3.1, DosBox, and a game that requires a disk

I'm running DosBox 0. 74 with Windows 3. 1 all set up and ready to do. Windows works perfectly inside DosBox, and I even installed a game which I can easily get to and it starts without an issue. However, once the game starts, it requires a disk.
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avatar Last reply by gyaMe on

Need for Speed II: SE problem with Windows XP

Hey, ive got a problem here. Im running Windows XP SP2 and trying to play NFS II SE. I installed it fine but when i go to play it i get up an error initgraphics - INITMEMMAN REQUIRED BEFORE INITGRAPHICS FILE c:\nfs2se\game\3rash\initgrf.
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avatar Last reply by destiny786 on

Need for Speed 2 SE and WIN XP - NFS2 SE

Hello, I can´t manage that NfS2 SE works on Win Xp. i always get the error message: ingraphics - INITEMMAN REQUIRED BEFORE INTGRAPHICS FILE C:\nfs2se\game\3rash\initgrt. c LINE 44 If i want to run it with an glide wrapper because i haven´t a 3dfx card.
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avatar Last reply by destiny786 on

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