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Exchange Server

When trying to open MS Exchange Server the following message appears: : “Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. †Any recommendations?.
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avatar Last reply by v0ieira on

Connection status: Unknown

the computer icons in the right lower corner are covered by a red x. . . I am connected, but the message is: Connection status: Unknown The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.
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avatar Last reply by Marlon1990 on

Windows 8 and Windows XP Shares Not Seeing Each Other

Recently purchased a new notebook with Windows 8. I now have 3 PCs on the network now, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. I'm using the workgroup name 'WORKGROUP' and simple file shairng is turned off and full permissions provided for all shares.
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avatar Last reply by dazz1973 on

Router Routing (switching)

Hey Well I dont have any problems setting up an advanced LAN, but i have some routers which refuses to work together. I would have used a switch instead, but i cant, så i have to use one router, disable the first DHCP server in router nr and retrieve ips from the second router.
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avatar Last reply by natasha90 on

Router Issues

I have a situation, and I'm not sure what to make of it: I have Cable(Comcast), a Linksys WRT54G router, and my connection is fine in my house. The router is downstairs: there are two computers directly connected two it, two laptops connected wirelessly (used mainly downstairs), and another laptop and two more comp ...
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avatar Last reply by natasha90 on

What does LMHOSTS lookup do?

And more importantly, should I have it enabled or disabled? I'm running a dual NIC system that and using ICS to my cable modem. My Slug. <> Abit BE6 II rev 1. 2 Celeron 566@850 mhz 13g ide Hdd SMC NIC 100mb REALSHIT 8029 NIC 10mb Riva tnt2u > ancient SBlive 256mb ram HP 9300 CDRW Windows ME/Windows 2000 &l ...
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avatar Last reply by reloaded on

Problem with Wireless causing Router Resets

Let me first describe my current network setup first. I have the cable modem connected to an SMC router SMC7004VBR (with the newest firmware on their support site) setup as Gateway with DHCP. This router is connected to two desktop computers, as well as the Linksys router WRT55AG version 1 (with the newest firmware ...
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avatar Last reply by msittig on

W2K Active Directory problem

Hi, I have a small home network with AD installed on a W2K server and 3 PCs networked. I have shared all the computers. All users and computers are registered in AD and they all use the server for DHCP and DNS and access internet via forwarders.
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avatar Last reply by Voodooclanboy on

Slow login to Domain

I have Server 2003 running on my DC and everytime I log into the domain from a workstation it takes forever to login, Also have this problem when trying to access shared folders for the first time after a reboot or an idle period.
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avatar Last reply by Computer Doctor on

bt speed test

My net has been underperforming a bit lately, usually it does a bit better than this. (Edit: Test against Brisbane server) post yours.
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avatar Last reply by Thanujaa on

Monitoring network speed

I use a Linksys WAP54G wireless router for my internet connection for about 10 PCs in my house. Is there any way that I can monitor the bandwidth coming in and out of this device? I don't see anywhere where it support SNMP so PRGT and MRTG are out of the question.
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avatar Last reply by mano on

internet accounts for users

I want to set up internet accounts for users at my workplace whereby each user will have to log in to use the internet so that l can log network usage inorder to control the network. l use a linux based server with a proxy server and my users are using windows pcs.
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avatar Last reply by vinney on

why does my network run slow?

I have 2 computers with one internet (dsl) connection, when i just run one computer it runs very fast, but when i run them together using my wireless netgear router they both run EXTREMELY slow, sometimes worse than dial up (especially when we play games in yahoo).
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avatar Last reply by Neige on

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