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Info on the windows 'cool-switch' feature

Is there any way of cycling through the list of applications backwards, using the cool switch (alt+tab) feature in Windows? It's really annoying when the program i want to access is behind the program that has the focus on the alt+tab list and i have to scroll through the whole lot.
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avatar Last reply by Shawn Keene on

Let Computer Repair System Errors by Itself

hello all, i am new to linux, i just got done installing fedora core 2, i have a nforce chipset for sound and i installed the driver from the nvidia website and havent loaded it yet because i think that alsa supports the nforce chipsets.
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avatar Last reply by acebyte on

Deleting DVDs

Hello, I am having problems deleting RW cd's, that were recorded on my DVD player/recorder both on the player and on my computer, anyone help? Thanks
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avatar Last reply by MinusZero on

How to convert a Folder into a Drive

Here's a trick which allows you to use any folder as a drive in Windows. This trick comes very handy when you use a particular folder often, and want to quickly access it like in Command Prompt. It actually adds a new drive in My Computer with your specified drive letter(whatever you specify) and that drive actuall ...
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help tweaking 2000 registery

I've just finished reinstalling my windows 2000pro and have it totally updated to sp4 and roll up 1(hard drive died again). I have backed up all and I am ready to try tweaking my registry for the first time.
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avatar Last reply by hanketron on

Lost Admin Password

I Set up a friend of mine's computer and gave Admin access & created an account for his children with limited access. They wanted to install some chat programs and needed the Admin password. Like a newby he gave it to them and they changed it and said she forgot it.
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avatar Last reply by jimsing59 on

registry moving between drives

OS is Win2000 I installed a 500g drive but was limited to 137g Re installed os on 5g drive. Then installed SP4. Used MaxBlast to clone to big drive. Still only 137. Edited registry on 5g drive for EnableBigLba.
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avatar Last reply by LS13 on

usb port not working

i've never had this problem in the past and is relatively new to me, i plugged in my usb device and it said that it malfunctioned, so i do the rationaly thing, reboot, but still doesnt work, i left it and unplugged it for over 30 mins, still the same, so i checked it on device manager and saw that it didnt have pow ...
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avatar Last reply by ljcool_17 on

Cant logon to WindowsXP, deleted some registry keys

I use Malwarebytes Antimalware regularly http://www. malwarebytes. org/mba and havent had an infection found in about a year. Yesterday i scanned after about a month and i saw 12 infections ! MBAM said it could not clean a few infections: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.
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avatar Last reply by chloec42 on

Windows 2000 Server

Any free tools/apps for Windows 2000 Server to defrag both the HDD's and Registry along with tips for file maintanence ??? I've been with my current employer for over 4 years now and I've been helping the Q/A staff with the servers both on the hardware and software side of things.
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avatar Last reply by DosFreak on

x86 OS, RAM, & Virtual Machines

I feel pretty certain that virtual machines use alloted RAM based on the RAM that is currently installed on the host machine. If I am wrong, please let me know, as that will probably answer my question, which is this: x86 operating systems can only use a maximum of 4 GB of RAM, plain and simple.
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avatar Last reply by jmmijo on

Recoring Deleted Files

How can i recover deleted files from an uninstall. i accidentally tried to uninstall my virus protection and reset my computer half way through and need to know how to recover them. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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avatar Last reply by Borodya on

Hide process from Process bar of the Taskmanager (W2K)

I am making an application in Visual Basic and i dont want that process to be displayed in the Process bar. . . is there a way by which i can hide that process from the process bar by any registry Tweaks or please give me a suggestion in the VB codes by which i can hide it from the Process bar of the Task Manager.
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avatar Last reply by South-Gate on

Decrease tooltip/infotip delay?

hii. . . It's similar to MenuShowDelay. On the start menu, if i hover my mouse through the list of 'All Programs', it appears instantly with no delay. How do i decrease the tooltip/infotip delay when my mouse hovers over a file?.
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avatar Last reply by firebo14 on

Windows XP automatically logging off

When booting Windows XP, it goes to the welcome screen and when the user is selected it flashes the destop for a split second and returns to the Welcome screen and logs off. I have tried to boot in safe mode, but when I do there is a rogue user account titled 'Administrator' that I DID NOT CREAT! I tried the fix be ...
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avatar Last reply by Shamash on

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