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Dale Blinco
Trying to find a download for Office XP Professional with Frontpage, found a link on this page, But it just takes me to a link that takes me to a link that doesn't open!!
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Use of Free Data Recovery Software.

Cyber attack has been more prominent and dangerous nowadays. A large number of computers are being target of ransomware. To protect your data you must make a backup of the data in a regular basis. I don't know if my thinking is correct or not.
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avatar Last reply by DustinDeTorres on

Help with a corrupt excel file

Hello everyone, I have a corrupt excel file in MS Office 2013. The file was damaged by a virus. Is there a tool able to repair this file? I'm not interested in repair manual methods. Thanks in advance.
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avatar Last reply by StevenK on

Password Protect

Hey all its been awhile. My question is this I knw you can put a password to be triggered when you sign into your computer but I have also read that the safest way to protect your system is to run a password in boot mode.
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avatar Last reply by StevenK on

Adobe question

When I tried to open the. ai file in Adobe Illustrator 10, it displayed an error which states Adobe Illustrator file format is having difficulties What should I do for the problem?.
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avatar Last reply by leandro01 on

linux os run on msi gt80 titan

hi I have recently purchased a msi gt80 sli titan which has an original operating system windows 10, can I run and install kali Linux 2. 0 on my laptop and if anyone has any advise for downloading installing and running Linux please advise thank you in advance.
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avatar Last reply by Marlon1990 on

Want to convert database record

I am looking for database conversion software. I want to convert my project MySQL database into MS Access database. Is there any solution for database conversation?.
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avatar Last reply by arniya on

Do my computer really need a Registry cleaner

Yesterday one of my friend john told me about registry cleaners and said that registry cleaner is necessary for the good performance of my PC. So I am asking that is it good to get a registry cleaner software or I do not need to get it.
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avatar Last reply by Jay Shawn on

delay startup in XP

Hi, I use XP ,I want to delay the startup time in the startup folder. I do not want to install other party software. Can I edit the registry to achieve this ??Please give m detailed. . . .
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avatar Last reply by Emily79 on

help about browser

hi all i need help about firefox crashing. it is crashing forever if i open another web page. can you help me? thank you. .
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avatar Last reply by Emily79 on

problem SQl..

ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 above is my error. . i'm begginer and not to much understand.
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avatar Last reply by Emily79 on

Driver error on Win 7 RC install

Hope this question hasn't already been addressed (I checked pretty thoroughly). I just built a new pc to install and try the Windows 7 RC. Everything's new except an old dvd-rom. I burnt the iso to dvd and booted from it.
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avatar Last reply by susan12 on

How do I force Windows to delete a file

I downloaded a corrupt video file and i want to delete it from my system. but whenever i try to windows gives me an error saying another program is using the file >> i suspect explorer is trying to read the file but since it is corrupted, explorer keeps on trying to, and so i cannot delete it.
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avatar Last reply by Temp123321joe on

BIOS Preferences

I am hoping someone can explain this to me. I have a HDD which has Vista on it. I have another HDD which has been formatted. It recently had Linux mint installed but I formatted the drive. In the BIOS, Vista will not load if the settings are 1.
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avatar Last reply by EJWAGADORN on

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