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Windows Defender + Windows 2000

Don't know if any of you guys have tried yet but the final version of Windows Defender does not install on Windows 2000 due to a limitation in the. MSI. If you download Orca (MSI editor) (go to google and type in ORCA.
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Packet CD

I am an senior citizen (77) of this country and I never experienced such dificulties up a simple thing like being able to open my Packet CD's, Burned on my Compaq with windows 98se and C-Quadrat into packet CDs! Over the last ten years! My current HP model p6213w PC with Windows 7 will recognize the CD inserted and ...
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avatar Last reply by Lana3 on

Microsoft Project Professional 2010

Last year I purchased Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and in the same bundle I also purchased Microsoft Project Professional 2010, including a Product key. I loaded both programs onto my HDD and it turns out they were counterfeit.
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avatar Last reply by scubatony on

Unhiding Process XP

i've searched the forum and found some threads about this,but they were about seeing if the process runs or getting the modules of it and etc ,but i want to reveal/unhide it so i can conncet to it with a 3rd party program,btw i guess thats why its hidden ,so nothing can connect to it,can it be done?any hints?
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ok, i am getting very irritated. i got the sims 2 when it first came out for x-mas (maybe a year ago i think?). when i played it the first time, it worked fine. then about 2 weeks or less after i first played it, it came up with an error message when i tried to run it (and every time after that it does), the error ...
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avatar Last reply by tandrask34 on

irql_not_less_or_equal blue screen

Hello, This is a problem that has appeared yet nothing has changed. Error occurs when booting PC. I am unable to to load windows. When I choose to repair it prompts me for the installation to repair then gives me the following error: A problem has been detected and windows has been shit down to prevent damage to yo ...
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avatar Last reply by Zenn on

Windows 8 Pro

Greetings, I have Windows 8 Pro (64 Bit) installed on my desktop computer. No issues generally except for an inability to burn CD's or DVD's. Whenever I try, my system hangs and eventually freezes. This occurs when I use Roxio or LG burner or Windows Media player.
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avatar Last reply by Ihor on

USB Device Not Recognized (Malfunction)

Kain Bloodstone
I have come across the same problem that apparently many Windows users are ailed with. I thought I found the solution here when I googled the topic and was lead to this post It seemed to work for everyone else, but it hasn't worked for me.
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avatar Last reply by junphil on

USB Not detected on any PC

Hey Guys! I'm new to this forum because I have an urgent problem: Lately, I have been using my 8GB HP V135w Pendrive on PCs at home and at school. But suddenly, this device has not been detected by ANY machines.
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avatar Last reply by Gautam Cool on

Obtaining IE8

Running WinXP 32-bit, I've avoided Internet Explorer 8 for various reasons for quite a long time but I might now give it a try. I see that it's available to download here: Does anyone know if when you click on the Download you're given an option to simply save the IE8 file on download for installation at your leisu ...
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avatar Last reply by hd2k on

Firefox in a Corporate Environment

Been a while since I last posted, but I used to find this forum extremely helpful. Anyway, I thought I'd give something back in the way of my experience with deploying Firefox in a corporate environment.
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avatar Last reply by qiqingqi on

Anyone know the intracacies of Windows Update?

I've recently spent a week reinstalling my WinXP and my various apps and utilities. A long job and I don't wish to discuss why, as it's a long story. But having reached a few days ago a reasonably 'safe' state, I went to the Windows Update website to fetch a huge batch of updates to WinXP that I needed.
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avatar Last reply by peterh on

Patch for Bejeweled & Alchemy

Hi everybody! Could someone please help by telling me where I can find the patch for playing/installing the game Bejeweled & Alchemy on WinXP? Thank you in advance for the help My email is : siggi545@shaw.
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avatar Last reply by mikeb on

Firefox problem help

Good day! i have some problem about firefox. it is forever crashing. Why crashing i dont understand. can you help me? thank you. . . .
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avatar Last reply by Grinder on

Overly Tweaked OS.....

Ok. . . . . This is having to do with Windows 7 Pro. . . . . . What I'd like to do, is reset everything back to the original install values. . . . . Like screen fonts, the beau-coup features that Win 7 has and so on.
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avatar Last reply by pipat9 on

DLNA Media Server

Hi, I am trying to find a good DLNA media server to use in Windows XP. I am connecting to the media server with my Panasonic SC-BTT755 Blu-Ray Player. I have tried multiple trial versions with little success.
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avatar Last reply by MinusZero on

ping testing

I have a need to ping multiple devices in multiple sites on a daily basis. I also need to record the results, so we can tell if equipment is on-line and if response times are deteriorating. Can anyone tell me how to set up a script or file to do them all at once from a command prompt in Windows? (Go easy on me, I'm ...
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avatar Last reply by vimal09 on

Radeon 6870 AMD

-XFX- Youjimbo -XFX-
This would be 3D benchmark test for the AMD Radeon 6870. this would help curious people to know the 3D benchmark for this GPU processor. Card used: XFX HD Radeon 6870, AMD, 1GB GDDR5, 900Mhz Specifications: Memory: 1GB GDDR5 1050Mhz Memory bus width: 256 bit Core clock: 900Mhz Stream Processors: 1120 Texture units: ...
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avatar Last reply by -XFX- Youjimbo -XFX- on

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