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Windows Security

Need help to get rid of Windows spyware, worms, and viruses? In this forum you will find help

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Computer Spamming E-Mails

Hey all it's been a long time. My question is this. I have been told by some companies that my compuer is spamming them. I went thru with every malware program and re-ran scans with my anti-virus and everything seems ok with me.
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Which antispyware is worth having?

I'm contemplating new antispyware on my XP-based system. So, which of the following do you consider the best overall solution for longterm antispyware?: PC Tools 'Spyware Doctor' Spybot Search & Destroy Webroot Spy Sweeper 5 Windows Defender Anyone any idea how much the annual subs (in £ sterling) for Spyware Docto ...
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I recently checked my usb and found out that it had newfolder. exe and now it came in my komputer and now- task manager, folder options and run is disabled! pls help as fast as you can. . . . . . i tried many times in diffrent ways written in google,yahoo,bing etc.
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Multiple stacking anti-virus

My wife has had a recent flurry of virus/spyware activity at work. Unfortunately because of her job she has to look at a lot of gaming websites (especially in other parts of the world) that are not necessarily bad but who knows.
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norton internet security

hi, i don't know if this is the right forum but my norton protection centre just told me that my 'intrusion prevention' system is off. (don't know why 'cos i'd never turn owt off) i clicked on the red off word and 'turn on' and 'configure' came up.
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I recently got Kerio firewall (freeware version). My computer seems to be talking to itself, especially a program called svchost. Should I allow this to happen? I made a rule to deny it, and nothing's happened so far.
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Hey team: There are some rather annoying issues that my compuetr has and I hear you guys are rather clued up about this sorta thing so: My computer is quite aicient and has picked up a rather copious amount of crap during it's service.
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How flexible is Microsoft Security Essentials?

Anyone here a user of Microsoft Security Essentials? If so, can you tell me if:- 1) MSE can be temporarily turned off? 2) MSE can be run manually for getting the virus definition updates, ie. stop MSE from getting the updates automatically? 3) MSE can be run manually for system scans, ie.
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Best firewall/antivirus/antispyware combo

If you don't care to read my story, but wish to add to the thread, this is a thread for those that decided against going with one company for an entire security suite, and instead have picked seperate firewall/antivirus/antispyware combos.
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Help!! Windows 7 Problem!? Please.

I put Parental Control settings on my 12-year-old young sister's computer and I turned them off so I could download some games for her but it even though I turned the parental controls off it's not letting me download.
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encrypted data on an external hardisk

I encrypted some data on an external hardisk by using winXP encryption tools. then i formatted my operating system!! and installed it again but i cant reach that data any more!! (which are encrypted ) any help??.
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ok i am a 14 yr old who doesnt know crap about computers. i need help!!! anyways. . . . the problem is that i have an HP(compaq nc6000) and when i am at my dads house it works perfectly fine. . . . but when i go to my moms a blue screen pops up,aka blue sceen of death, and it doesnt stay there it flashes there for ...
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torjan horse downloder.Zlob.AFVX

Princess Sophie
Hi there, I was silly enough to download this shit as a spyware and now I can not get rid of it. I have a system alert flashing in my corner all the time and i get pop up window messages in every 3 minutes.
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virus or summin which wont dissapear

i recently got a bloodhound virus through msn. a freind apparently sent me a file. i later discovered that it wasnt her. but norton did not detect this even after scanning the file. . so i deleted it but i begun getting norton popups telling me that my outgoing emails could not b sent.
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Anyone know how to get rid of this?

I run a single XP machine, so normally My Network Places doesn't contain anything except the Microsoft top-level folder icons. But a moment ago, I happened to look in My Network Places and found a 4KB folder entitled assets on www.
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Do You Hate Bugs As Much As We Do?

You are invited to test the latest version of McAfee Total Protection free of charge. Join McAfee’s Beta testing program. Signing up is a simple process. Anyone can join the program and earn “bug discovery” rewards.
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Help to remove this file

Hi, My sister's computer every time when running Internet Explorer 7, I noticed a short message appear on the 1st line of IE tool bar, Virus is now ATTACKING your system from MAnz_Shidah. I scanned with antivirus/anti-spyware but could not fine any affected files.
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