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OpticBook 3600 driver updates and patches

ronald arthur dewhirst
The OpticBook 3600 is great for scanning books and getting right to the inner edge of the page and works OK on other tasks too but there can be problems with the software provided, or working with newer operating systems.
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avatar Last reply by ronald arthur dewhirst on

modem driver needed

I have the modem, OD-EMS-100 RS232/serial V. 92 External Modem I need a driver to connect it to a Windows 8 laptop. The drivers disk that came with it only goes up to Windows ME. I need the File Version 8.
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avatar Last reply by jongiffen777 on

Linux compatablity

Is there an easy way to determine if a motherboard is linux compatable? For instance looking at the chipset. As an example the ASUS Prime A320m-A is on the ASUS Linux Status Report ( ) which I assume means the board is compatable.
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avatar Last reply by ibme on

Motherboard glitch

Christopher Palin
I have a K6 Pro ATX IR3 Motherboard. (Ancient AMD Athlon 850!!) I have tried to change the CMOS set up but each time I get asked for a Password. I have never input a password! I have tried clearing CMOS and removing and replacing the CMOS battery but I STILL get asked for a Password.
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avatar Last reply by DustinDeTorres on

Mac Mini

Hi All, I am wanting to buy a used Mac Mini and need some advice from people who own these devices to which model you suggest is best to purchase. My budget is $450. I have been looking at buying from.
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avatar Last reply by scojattolo on

USB Device Not Recognized (External Hard Drive)

Well, here's my problem: I just bought a Western Digital 60gb Passport II 2. 5 Hard Drive this past week at Black Friday. Took it home, worked wonderfully. It was formatted as FAT32, so I reformatted it to NTFS, still no problems.
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avatar Last reply by DustinDeTorres on

Partition disappeared - need to recover files

I left my computer downloading while I went out and when I came back, I found an error screen. This has happened often since I upgraded to a one gb DIMM of Ultra memory and *appears* to be a temp problem with the memory on the board and the error msgs.
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avatar Last reply by DustinDeTorres on

Voodoo2 D3D wrapper?

Is there any way to get D3D with a voodoo2 in windows 2000, like a wrapper or anything? I know the 3dfx drivers don't support it. Thanks!.
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avatar Last reply by Shahnewaz on

Voodoo2 D3D - no, wrapper - how?

Short version - how do I get a wrapper set up for Asheron's Call with my Voodoo2 card? Long - I've got an older 440FX computer that I'm donating soon, but am waiting for the new Intel 815's to come out before I upgrade.
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avatar Last reply by Shahnewaz on

choosing a compatible video card

I want to buy a video card for my pc and i want to know if each Motherboard has a specific video card compatible with it or any card for any board??? thanks tooooo much i advance
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avatar Last reply by medo_015 on

Building a new PC: how EXACTLY to install USB mouse?

Yup, I'm building a new Windows XP desktop machine, transferring across one or two bits of the hardware from the old (10 yrs vintage) machine. The mouse I use is essentially a USB wired mouse with a PS2 adaptor, so that at present it plugs into the reserved PS2 mouse port on the current (old) machine.
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avatar Last reply by joyask43 on

Laptop keyboard drank soda

Tony Jackson
So I was drinking vodka and chased it with soda, I missed my mouth and a few drops got in my keyboard. . . Now I have to use the Acer Aspire 3810 Series Laptop Keyboard, when I use the regular keyboard it hits other keys, though some keys work.
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avatar Last reply by Zenn on

iPad keyboard/case UPDATE!!!

Tony Jackson
I'm trying to disable an integrated graphics card on a hp Brio ba410. There is no option on the BIOS settings to do this , can anyone help me out. .
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avatar Last reply by Tony Jackson on

WiFi Certification and 802.11ac

I am thinking about getting one of the new 802. 11ac routers that were just released. So been reading some reviews and some of them mentioned that these early released products are not WiFi certified 802.
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avatar Last reply by gyaMe on

USB - Unable To Access Files

Apologies If I posted this topic in the incorrect location. Before I demonstrate below, I recently copied these 3 files and pasted them into my USB: Having restarted my laptop, I accessed my USB and the files some reason converted them to these: Can anybody explain whats happened? And any ideas on how I can convert ...
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avatar Last reply by Rhys on

Usb woes

I have a HP laptop, 3 years old, running Win7 Pro, cannot recognize, or run more than one usb external drive, and help would be appreciated, thanx
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avatar Last reply by gregzeng on

New hard drive & windows XP but no ports &

The hard drive on my HP laptop died. Of course I never burned the XP media ed. to a CD. They don't supply them anymore. The new hard drive came with a copy of XP Pro. I installed this per instructions but it seems to missing drivers or something.
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avatar Last reply by daohteagz on

help removing a virtual cd drive

I should have done this a long time ago. I had a family member use a version of Deamon tools to create a virtual cdrom drive on my PC to allow a game to be played my mult users in a home network. In doing so he bypassed my actual cd/dvd/rw drive.
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avatar Last reply by awbarnes on

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