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New Tutorial Feed request.

Hello Phil, I have a Linux Tutorial website that currently has feeds and posts on linuxtoday and lxer. com that I would love to get my RSS featured here. Currently post about 6 to 10 tutorials a week on Linux Distros, Webservers main focus.
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I guess I have been coming to this site for 17 years now -when I supported windows NT servers/workstations. The drivers before plug and play. . . . . Anyway I have no idea how this place continues to exist but, thanks.
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OpticBook 3600 driver updates and patches

ronald arthur dewhirst
The OpticBook 3600 is great for scanning books and getting right to the inner edge of the page and works OK on other tasks too but there can be problems with the software provided, or working with newer operating systems.
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Dale Blinco
Trying to find a download for Office XP Professional with Frontpage, found a link on this page, But it just takes me to a link that takes me to a link that doesn't open!!
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modem driver needed

I have the modem, OD-EMS-100 RS232/serial V. 92 External Modem I need a driver to connect it to a Windows 8 laptop. The drivers disk that came with it only goes up to Windows ME. I need the File Version 8.
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Linux compatablity

Is there an easy way to determine if a motherboard is linux compatable? For instance looking at the chipset. As an example the ASUS Prime A320m-A is on the ASUS Linux Status Report ( ) which I assume means the board is compatable.
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Chess Mates on windows 10

Hi, i am trying to run the old game Chess Mates on my windows 10 computer. I still have the disc for the game, but i cant get the setup or install programs to work. When i try to run the application ''INSTLR95'', i get the prompt asking if i want to allow the app to make changes, i select yes, and then i get the fo ...
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Computer Spamming E-Mails

Hey all it's been a long time. My question is this. I have been told by some companies that my compuer is spamming them. I went thru with every malware program and re-ran scans with my anti-virus and everything seems ok with me.
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Problems running the 11th hour.

I recently repurchased this game for the nostalgic value it offered, since I liked it when I was younger. I got the 11th hour patch from this site, and the game installs and runs. However, The walking animations around the mansion seem to be EXTREMELY fast, and I cannot see the pieces of the puzzles when they are n ...
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Which antispyware is worth having?

I'm contemplating new antispyware on my XP-based system. So, which of the following do you consider the best overall solution for longterm antispyware?: PC Tools 'Spyware Doctor' Spybot Search & Destroy Webroot Spy Sweeper 5 Windows Defender Anyone any idea how much the annual subs (in £ sterling) for Spyware Docto ...
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Chaos Gate game works but graphics problems

Hi, I have a problem with the grafics in Chaos Gate game. I see 3 display in my display but it´s not a resolution problem, because i choosed other and it did the same. I have Windows 10 and it must work with it.
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Motherboard glitch

Christopher Palin
I have a K6 Pro ATX IR3 Motherboard. (Ancient AMD Athlon 850!!) I have tried to change the CMOS set up but each time I get asked for a Password. I have never input a password! I have tried clearing CMOS and removing and replacing the CMOS battery but I STILL get asked for a Password.
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Need For Speed 5 Porsche 2000

Initially when I had installed installed NFS 5, my game would quit to desktop right after the introduction video. I couldn't even get into the main menu of the game. I found a fix at this link and installed it.
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Mac Mini

Hi All, I am wanting to buy a used Mac Mini and need some advice from people who own these devices to which model you suggest is best to purchase. My budget is $450. I have been looking at buying from.
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USB Device Not Recognized (External Hard Drive)

Well, here's my problem: I just bought a Western Digital 60gb Passport II 2. 5 Hard Drive this past week at Black Friday. Took it home, worked wonderfully. It was formatted as FAT32, so I reformatted it to NTFS, still no problems.
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Use of Free Data Recovery Software.

Cyber attack has been more prominent and dangerous nowadays. A large number of computers are being target of ransomware. To protect your data you must make a backup of the data in a regular basis. I don't know if my thinking is correct or not.
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Help with a corrupt excel file

Hello everyone, I have a corrupt excel file in MS Office 2013. The file was damaged by a virus. Is there a tool able to repair this file? I'm not interested in repair manual methods. Thanks in advance.
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