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How to completely remove Internet Explorer 6 from XP system?
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Best as I can recommend, install SP1 for XP, install the new browser and JVM (as needed) and change the 'Program Access and Defaults' as appropriate. To remove IE6 from XP would break the shell (explorer.exe) and you would lose much of the functionality.

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How to remove internet explorer from windows xp winxp xp nt6:

Oh, yes it can be done, but not very easily!
I am still beta testing this procedure, but so far, it has worked well. Try it at your own risk, I recommend doing this on a newly loaded computer, one that you can crash if needed.

Copy the following onto a floppy as a .txt file. You will need it to delete the files. Now, keep reading.

You will need
A. A hard drive with windows 2000 sp1 or lower
B. The XP drive you want to IE remove IE remove from
C. Bios access to set the boot drive.
D. A copy of windows 98 or just IE 4.

Boot up windows 2000. Run Regedit.exe, make sure it is selected to My Computer. do a search for SFCDisable. Change the value of this to ffffff9d. Reboot the computer. (this disables windows file protection.)

Now, Double Click "my computer", go to "tools", "folder options", View, and un-check the following:

*Hide extensions for known file types
*Hide protected operating system files, click "yes" to the dialogue box
*Show Popup description for folder and desktop items

Check the following:

*Display the full path in the title bar
*Display the full path in the address bar
*Show hidden files and folders
Hit "apply"

Shut down.
Add the XP drive.
Make sure bios is set to boot to the drive that has 2000 on it.

Boot to 2000.

NOW, the easy part:

I am assuming that if you want to remove IE you also want to rid your computer of virus express (outlook express). Do this first, then IE.

Go to start, search-for files and folders. Point the "look in" bar to the XP drive only (usually "d")

Now, search and destroy... Do these in groups. Copy paste the line of filenames into the search box. Hit search. Wait for the searching to stop. Look at the list to see that mistaken files didn't get found. (yes, you want to delete the .pf files) Do edit, select all. Right click on the selection, delete. The files may not instantly disappear from the screen. Empty the recycle bin. Now hit search again. The files should be gone. Do the same for all of the below groups.

Virus(outlook) express/Outlook

Group 1: inetcomm.dll, msoeacct.dll, msoert2.dll, msoe.dll, msoeres.dll, msimn.exe
Group 2: oeimport.dll, oemiglib.dll, oemig50.exe, setup50.exe, wab.exe, wabfind.dll
Group 3: wabimp.dll, wabmig.exe, csapi3t1.dll, directdb.dll, wab32.dll, wab32res.dll
Group 4: msoe.txt (not necessary but for my own satisfaction)

Internet Exploder (IE 4,5,6 and possibly 7)

Basic IE files:

Group 1: iexplore.exe, HMMAPI.DLL, INSTALL.INS, trialoc.dll, icwconn1.exe, icwdl.dll, icwres.dll
Group 2: icwutil.dll, icwx25c.dun, msicw.isp, phone.ver, icwconn2.exe, icwhelp.dll, icwrmind.exe
Group 3. icwx25a.dun, inetwiz.exe, msn.isp, state.icw, icwconn.dll, icwip.dun, icwtutor.exe, icwx25b.dun
Group 4: isignup.exe, phone.icw, support.icw

Extended background files to delete:

Group 1: actxprxy.dll, cdfview.dll, iepeers.dll, iesetup.dll, ieuinit.inf, iexplore.exe, imgutil.dll
Group 2: inetcpl.cpl, instcplc.dll, mshta.exe, mshtml.dll, mshtmled.dll, mshtmler.dll, msident.dll
Group 3: msidntld.dll, msieftp.dll, occache.dll, sendmail.dll, tdc.ocx, webcheck.dll
Group 4: wininet.dll

Search for and Manually delete url.dll. You may also find libcurl.dll (open office file) and msdaurl.dll which should not be deleted.

You do not need them to boot, but it is recommended you replace the following, as they are critical to the functionality of some programs, like wincue for winamp, yahoo messenger, etc. Place these in the XP drive/windows/system32 folder

wininet.dll - extract from windows 98. Version 4.72.3110.0 tests ok

url.dll - extract from windows 95c (ie3) Version tests ok

urlmon.dll - extract from your windows 2000 installation.

OK, thats it. Make sure there are none of the deleted files left in the XP dll cache.

Say your prayers.
Shut down windows 2000.
Remove the hard drive.
Set bios to boot to the only remaining drive.
Boot XP.
Log on.
Once booted, go to My computer, type http://www.google.com. If connected to the internet, a window should popup asking you where you want to save it at. Or, nothing happens at all. I have had some configuations in which an "explorer has generated errors" dialogue will occurr, and explorer will reboot and refresh the desktop. These are ALL SIGNS of successful removal of IE. Install your own browser, Opera 7.2 works best, Mozilla Firefox is also great. Short of mozilla creating a fake activex, you are completely immune to spyware and popup generators. Just try to install istbar - it won't install, but will crash and burn trying! 180searchassistant (msbb.exe) will try eating 100 percent of your cpu, the generate errors and die. But, you'd have to get it through a non-activex installer. Good luck. (rosoft audio tools used to do this, crashed many radio station systems!)

Have fun,
Neil Schubert

I.E. Its just GONE!!!!!!!!! Test on SP1, but no reason it shouldn't work on sp2.

My IE list (just for reference)
Full list: D= delete file

actxprxy.dll d
advpack.dll (advanced packaging? used/needed to install directx, or installer will give admin error)
asctrls.ocx d
cdfview.dll d
iecont.dll ?
iepeers.dll D
iesetup.dll D
ieuinit.inf D
iexplore.exe D
imgutil.dll d
inetcpl.cpl d
inetcplc.dll d
mshta.exe d
mshtml.dll d
mshtmled.dll d
mshtmler.dll d
msident.dll d
msidntld.dll d
msieftp.dll d
occache.dll d
sendmail.dll d
shdocvw.dll d restored - needed to show desktop?
shfolder.dll needed to copy paste files. can use win 98 vers.
shlwapi.dll d restored - needed to run msgina.dll (user log-on window)
tdc.ocx d
url.dll d do not delete msdaurl.dll
urlmon.dll d (was needed for iriver music manager)
webcheck.dll d
wininet.dll d (replace with older version. Needed for html-based windows -

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Icon 2005-05-25 10:47:44

xplite for post-installation IE removal.
For best results, create an IE-free install:
Technical details:

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Icon 2005-06-07 05:18:05

why would anyone WANT to do this? i'm not the biggest IE fan, I use firefox when I can, but IE is needed for integrated WinXP functions. for example, the biggest problem with getting rid of it would be this.... how ya gonna use windows update?
you'd have to manually download updates for everything or you would have to use sms 2003 or wsus, which also i think might use IE functions, maybe

best thing to do is just not use it, and also i think winxp sp2 has an easy option to get rid of the shortcuts and default browser integration.

for now, just trust me on this, if you wanna use winxp for general usage, DONT delete IE6. just keep it around in the background, but dont use it unless it's for windows update, or specific IE6 sites like hotmail, etc etc

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Icon 2005-06-21 12:27:22

Why would anyone want to do this? It has recently come to light that IE has security flaws in it. Not using it doesn't solve the problem, but you'll have to start reading the individual security advisories to see that exploits are still possible on your system when you're not using IE.

1. If you use nLite, WinUpdate can still work.
2. Use Daisy or use http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/

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