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I found out how to install directx 9.0c for the sims 2
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ok i had directx9.0b and could not install the sims 2. it said i needed directx9.0c. i have spent months trying everthing to install it but nothing. then yesterday i found the solution. First download the directx9.0c redist and the directx9.0b redist. when you have donwloaded you click on the files and you choose to extract it to a folder make a directx9.0c and directx9.0b folders on your desktop. once extracted your ready for next part.
You need to download directx eradicator which can be found by typing it on google or looking on the softpedia website. when you download save it to your desktop for easier access. when donwload is finished unzip the files and there will be a directx rollbacak and DXERAD file . double click on the DXERAD file and it will tell are you sure you want to uninstall directx say yes and then it will tell you the computer will restart. once restared the comp might take long for the desktop items to show up this is normal be patient( some errors might come up to). once you can see all the desktop items go into your directx9.0c folder you made. in here should be your extracted files for directx9.0c. copy all the .cab file ( the cabinet files into your directx9.0b folder you made and replace them with the ones already in the dirext x9.0b folder. now click on the dxinstall button IN THE DIRECT X 9.0B FOLDER. and it should install properly after that it will restart your computer. once its done go on start, run ,dxdiag and walaa directx9.0c . i will ask you kindly to post this round all websites as this is a major problem people find to install directx9.0c i hope this works i can play sims2 now yaaay

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Forum overview » Games » I found out how to install directx 9.0c for the sims 2

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